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Discover Bhutan 2015

Land of the Thunder Dragon

Discover Bhutan

Travel with Kris King
Bhutan & Ko Samui, Thailand
September 3 – 21, 2015

For more information or to register, EMAIL Kris.

A note from Kris King,
President of Wings:

I want to invite you to share this remarkable country with me and a small group of adventurous people. If you have been thinking about it, or dreaming about it…come with me.

Bhutan offers so many enlightening experiences. Share precious moments with monks, lamas, indigenous medicine physicians, everyday people, and each other. Be awe-struck by views of the Himalayas. Allow Bhutan to touch you and be transformed as a result…coming home and living your life with an increased consciousness and spiritual awareness.

My trip to Bhutan was a dream realized. When asked by family why I wanted to go to Bhutan, my response was “a desire to experience and immerse myself in a culture based on Buddhist beliefs to resolve questions about my own spiritual journey”. 

That desire was met 1000 times over. The country is beautiful and the inner beauty of the Bhutanese is truly memorable. Though their lives are hard and primitive based on Western standards, they live with a joyfulness that suggests a clear belief in the goodness of life and in each other. And the lesson of living a life based on “simplicity” was not lost on me. 

The beauty of the land, the antiquity and strength of the monasteries and dzongs, the welcoming demeanor of the monks, the service at each hotel, the freshness of the food, the camaraderie of our group were amazing…and I could go on and on! 

Any comment about this trip would be incomplete without acknowledging our guides. They were the best examples of Buddhism in practice; knowledgeable, patient, generous, joyful. Many superlatives could be applied to their service, but I think examples are in order.

– Kris Keil, 2012 Trip

I am so excited to share Bhutan with you for many reasons and here are a few…

First, Bhutan beckons and quenches my thirst for spiritual nourishment; the monks and monasteries, the Himalayas, the Bhutanese people sharing themselves and their culture so eagerly, the richness of Buddhist history surrounding us in vivid artwork everywhere, the festival dancers telling the story of the spread of Buddhism with their every move. Breathtaking!

The second is the deep and delightful camaraderie that unfolds in the group of travelers. Far ranging conversations, shared laughter and support, the rich silence walking on the paths together, and exploring an ancient kingdom are just a smattering of what we experience.

The third is relaxing and integrating the entire experience on the island of Ko Samui, Thailand. Enjoy unstructured time in a tropical paradise, Thai food, massages, swimming, simply reading a book by the pool, and some of the best shopping ever! It’s a delicious way to be rested when you get home.

“Thailand was just simply luxury… my mind, body and spirit were all engaged. The warmth of the ocean, beautiful grounds of the resort, and a time for rest and reflection. I am full. Thanks Kris!” –Pam Jongeward

Come! Take the leap if your heart is touched by the thought of coming along…calling to you…come! The maximum number on the trip is 17. I hope you’ll join me for this trip of a lifetime.

Trip dates: September 3 – 21, 2015

Costs: $8,975 based on joint occupancy, includes all major expenses, airfare from Los Angeles, hotels, touring, and most meals. Single occupancy cost is $9,875. This is arranged as a group fare only. Your $650 non-refundable deposit reserves your place and is due by April 29th, 2015.

If your heart is calling you, I hope you’ll join me for this trip of a lifetime.

For more information please call me at 800-697-0040 x106 or email me now.

With Love & Gratitude,


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What people say about… BHUTAN

“Blessed, Beautiful Bhutan. A place of wonder and magic. They burn incense to change the weather and it works!! The simplicity of their lives, their Buddhist faith and their happy smiles will be with me forever.” – Debi Kraal

“My experience of trekking Bhutan was fantastic! I loved the unexpected beauty – waking up to tea served in our tent! Peering out the tent door in early morning to a shangri-la of mountains woven together by mist. The sounds of early morning village activity – children’s laughter as they walk 3-5 km to school, cowbells ringing as villagers moved their cows to a fresh pasture and camp dogs, mules and horses getting a last roll-about before being saddled with our gear!”  – Cathy Tronquet

“A land of brilliant colors; from the traditional dress of the Bhutanese, the numerous green hues of mountain vistas, forests and rice fields, to the highly colorful and decorated Dzongs and religious festival celebrations. Gentle, open and curious people who seem truly at peace with themselves and their lives. I felt well taken care of and honored to have experienced a little bit of Bhutan.” – Mary Lou Follett

“There is in Bhutan a sense of peace and contentment that feels tangible in a culture whose slowed pace and deep respect for life is tied to the land, to family, to community and King, and to living a life in alignment with spiritual beliefs and values. “Atzi ganamay!” means “come smile a little while…” in the peaceful Land of the Thunder Dragon.” – Hilary Best

“Flying out of the clouds, there was Paro in the sunshine with 10,000 foot green foot hills surrounding it. So warm and so green! Everywhere throughout the country I experienced their Gross National Happiness in the faces of the women carrying their children, the monks smiling and serving us tea, rushing forward to have their photos taken and the sparkling, dark eyes of the children as they played with a simple balloon or rolled a hoop. Everywhere there were flowers, cosmos growing wild covering fields, beside fields of pink buckwheat blossoms and rice arching gracefully waiting to be harvested.”  – Barbara Mennell

“I am in love with the way the people live their spirituality and belief system so openly with confidence as they spin their prayer wheels and make their way to the “Harvest Festival” to familiarize themselves with their own demons, dressed in their finest clothing and brightest smiles. I love how they love and trust their king, and even how they trust the world as they embark on changes, moving their country towards democracy. I take that trust as a lesson for my own life, to trust myself, to trust my own anchored belief in something greater that moves and lives within the world.

The path towards the “Little Monks” Tashigang monastery is beautiful and so easy at 10,000 feet. I feel almost like I could run along this path. I appreciated the opportunity to light a special butter lamp in the chorten remembering someone special, and the blessings chanted by the monks moved through and around me as I closed my eyes for this experience of blessing.

The time in Bhutan was a gift to myself and a gift to my marriage. It was an adventure to the other side of the world, filled with mystery and challenge, grace and love. Again, I am so happy to open myself to this gift, to say a great big YES to life and love and connection. YES to adventure and growth and learning.” – Amy Trezona

What people say about… KOH SAMUI

“What can you say about a little piece of heaven on the Bay of Thailand with white sandy beaches, eternal sunshine, food (and drink!) that makes you totally carefree amid some of the best shopping on the globe and the hospitality of the Thai people? I’ll say no more. . .”  – Steve DeJohn

“Great to have an R&R before reentry. Length of time was plenty as well. Many of the insights, lessons of a trip such as this come for me as time goes on. I am humbly grateful for the experience. The “group” was great! FUN, caring, considerate, interesting, soulful, etc. The Trekking company…well, Unsurpassed in every aspect. I am VERY impressed!

A heartfelt “thank you” Kris for allowing me to join you all on this adventure.”                  – Pamela Cummings

Travel Bhutan &
Ko Samui, Thailand:

September 3 – 21, 2015

Download the Itinerary

Download the Flyer

For more information or to register, email Kris


The maximum number on the trip is 17, and registration is on a first come, first serve basis. Reserve your spot today!

Estimated Cost:
Double occupancy: $8,975
Single occupancy: $9,875

Deposit of $650 due by
April 29th, 2015

Full payment due by June 2nd, 2015. All monies are non-refundable after paid. Trip insurance is highly recommended.
Cost includes all major expenses, airfare from Los Angeles, hotels, touring, and most meals. This is arranged as a group fare only.

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