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PES Endorsements

“This was a great course. Each minute was useful, informative, and effective. The change is profound, and somehow gentle at the same time. A fabulous course overall.”

—Fred Moss

Upon returning from years of service in the military, including time in Iraq and other high threat areas, I was always trying to deal with all of the events I was involved in. From the obvious time in theatre to the less obvious time away from the family.

Every therapy, treatment or counseling I took part in prior to PES tried to help me “carry the load” instead of getting rid of the unnecessary load. I never could quite find my breath or inner peace without some sort of prescribed medication.

The 4 days of incredible support from the team at Wings Seminars was amazing. I never would have dreamed I could bond with and become “brothers” with people outside of the military. I can honestly say the people I was in my session with (complete strangers until then) are now people I never want to lose touch with.

I used to strive everyday just to cope with or try to find meaning in my military service; now I strive everyday to “be in service” to others in my life. Without a doubt PES is a great place for any Veteran, spouse of a Veteran or really anyone to learn how to let go of the past and live a meaningful and fulfilled life.

We invest so much in everything else and everyone else on a daily basis. Simply said, we have to give “me” something and 4 days is an incredibly small investment with an unlimited ROI.. for everyone.

—Rob Thomason

Wings changed my life!

—Sara Teno, Nurse

The skills covered in PES are useful in every aspect of my life, and this is a key strength of the program. I have been spreading the word about the priceless value offered in PES. I’m in touch with myself and others again in many ways as a result of this seminar.

—Davis Patterson
Research Scientist, Battelle Memorial Institute

I can’t think of any organization or institution that wouldn’t benefit from a seminar like this – it was phenomenal.

—Christie Yox
Waitress, Symeon's Greek Restaurant

My My! What a joyful and soulful 4 days. Thank you so much.

—Margo Eliescu

I am so impressed by how effectively and thoroughly WINGS was able to establish a wonderfully safe and bonded group. I found so much joy each day in my experience at the seminar because of such an enriching and empowering environment.

—Erin Kross
Success/Probation Coach, InsideTrack

I must say thank you with all my heart. Had you sat me down, prior to the seminar, and detailed the profound changes that would occur I could not have believed you. To address and correct patterns of behavior, fears and negativity that have been building over 37 years…in only 4 days. Incredible! I look forward to continuing this journey with you. Thank You!

—Peter Lashley
Partner, Athena Marketing

PES has had a profound impact on my life… right up there with my marriage to my husband and the birth of our two daughters.

—Michelle Sanders
Emergency Room Registered Nurse, Kaiser Permanente

Thank you! I have been telling everyone about Wings and PES!!! Our son came to True Colors 2 days after I got back. He is a different kid now and we all can speak the same language…hooray!

—Amanda Luce
Teacher, All About Honeymoons
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“This is the first model of a balanced life I have really related to - It is going to be useful in my strive for balance.”
–Michael Sharp, Microsoft General Manager

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