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Pay It Forward

A note from Wing’s grad Jill Rowe about the Pay it Forward campaign…

“A couple of months ago I had a realization of just how big my process has been through WINGS.

I was sitting in the sun and reflecting on how grateful I am to the people who supported me. My sister who left me cards with surprise lunch money, my husband who supplemented my gas for the many trips I took, and words of encouragement from my co-workers.

In this moment of gratitude I realized that I wanted to give back. I thought, “What if each WINGS graduate donated one dollar?” I have been in many seminars where people have worked so hard to be there only to worry about the little things like food, snacks, or gas money to get home. I know of at least one participant who slept in their vehicle during seminar. Then I thought, “What would be the impact on their process if they did not have those worries?”

So, let’s find out! My vision is to create a Pay It Forward fund where the monies raised will go into the scholarship fund.  My vision is to have each Wings graduate donate one dollar or more and to do it within 30 days.

Please join me in being a catalyst of love and empowerment.

Say YES!”

Jill Rowe

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