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True Colors

True Colors

TC teens

True Colors was named by the teens themselves, because the seminar freed them to discover who they really were, to show their “true colors.” In this 5 1/2-day residential program, teens 13 to 18 discover inner resources they never knew they had and learn to apply these resources to making choices now, even in the face of peer pressure, that create the future they truly want. Facilitators and staff hold each teen to be lovable, capable, and whole, fully equipped to achieve the high standards and expectations of the True Colors seminar.

Teens have a blast while making friends more quickly and easily than they would have believed possible. They learn:

  • to set goals for themselves and to solve problems together
  • the power of integrity and accountability
  • the fun of spontaneity and openness
  • the rewards of clear communication
  • how to make healthy choices
  • how to talk so adults listen
  • how parents think, and why they do what they do

In True Colors, teens take giant steps on the path toward adulthood.

Teens are consistently impressed with how much their parents have learned, grown, and “humanized” during their time away, and the feeling tends to be mutual! Teens are excited to be actively engaged in their lives, putting their new skills to work, deepening friendships, achieving goals, and becoming responsible leaders of their lives.

Of the things a parent can leave to a daughter or son, perhaps the most valuable is the confidence of “knowing who I am, what I value, and how to live my life accordingly.” This is what True Colors offers to teens.


When does True Colors take place? The week begins with registration from 5 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday and continues until 6 p.m. Sunday.

Where is it held? True Colors takes place at Lost Valley Educational Center, an intentional community and conference center east of Eugene.

Who leads this seminar, and what is that person’s background? Sherrie Patterson is the facilitator. Her professional background is in education, where she has served as a teacher, administrator, and adjunct professor. She is also a professional life coach and a master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming or NLP, a communication approach.

Is this appropriate for any teenager, or is a certain age range better? How would I know whether my child is ready for this? The skills taught at True Colors are beneficial for all teens ages 13-18.

Which specific skills will teens gain in this seminar? Teens will learn:

  • To effectively communicate with peers
  • To talk so adults listen
  • To make healthy choices
  • To set goals for themselves and solve bigger problems together
  • The power of integrity and accountability

How many adults stay on site? What other support staff is around during the camp? We generally have an adult-to-teen ratio of 1 to 4. All of our support staff are Wing graduates with a desire to serve the teen population. These adults go through background checks before serving at True Colors.

How does Wings keep teens safe during this seminar? We set clear boundaries of where the teens are expected to be at all times. In addition, teens are supervised at all times by our adult staff.

What is the size of the group? A typical group size is 30 – 40 teens. We have space for a maximum of 45 teens.

What are the sleeping arrangements? Who’s in the lodging with my child? We have separate male and female dorms. Each room is equipped with either two or three beds, so each teen has at least one roommate. The rooms have four walls and a door, and are fully equipped with electricity. Each dorm has private bathrooms and showers. The rooms are clean, and since we are in nature, we occasionally contend with bugs. At least one adult support staff member sleeps in each dorm.

Does the tuition include all expenses my child would have? Yes, the tuition includes the seminar and room and board expenses. Teens are welcome to bring extra snacks if they choose.

What does a seminar day look like? Any traditional camp elements? True Colors is a series of learning sessions with fun communication and team building activities mixed in. Teens have opportunities to get up and be physical both inside and outside the seminar rooms. They have adult-supervised free time each of the five evenings they are at True Colors, and great conversations often develop then. What your teen won’t find at True Colors: overnight campouts, long group hikes, or sitting around the campfire and singing.

Do you have other questions not addressed here? Please contact Program Coordinator Dawn Contreras at or at 541-683-8540.


Upcoming Seminar Dates:

Dates Location Tuition Register
Jul 17-22, 2018Dexter, OR$945Register Now
Location: Lost Valley Education Center

True Colors:

Seminar Hours:

Tues 5:30 pm – Sun 6 p.m.
Registration is on Tuesday from 5 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Ending times are approximate.

Lost Valley Educational Center, southeast of Eugene, OR.

Seminar Details:

5.5 day Residential Program 

Tuition:  $450
Food and Lodging:
Total Cost:
We offer payment plans. Learn more.

Prerequisite: Must be 13-18 years old to attend

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